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A professional social media presence is an easy way to engage directly with customers, increase traffic to your website, and expand your overall online visibility. Without social media, people will only find you if they are actively searching for your website or key terms related to it. Social media posts can attract new clientele who stumble upon your page on their news feed or through their online friends. Not only will you gain new followers, but you’ll also build your relationship with current customers by making informative postings that they will find beneficial, further solidifying brand loyalty. New Web Design’s social media consultants are experts at connecting with your specific audience and creating relevant yet entertaining posts that can be shared on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and YouTube.

A strong social media presence can even help boost the effectiveness of your search engine optimization efforts and Google rankings because now your business is visible on multiple platforms that lead back to your website, helping you appear more often in search engine results.

Social Media Features Facebook Marketing Facebook Apps

Social Media Marketing

Social Media


manages the following services:

  • Individual & Business Profile Setups
  • Social Media Consulting
  • Posting Maintenance & Management
  • Creative Content Development
  • Custom Graphics, Videos & Photo Galleries
  • Advertisement Reinforcement
  • Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest & YouTube

Social Media Marketing Facebook Marketing Facebook Apps

Social Media Features

Marketing Campaign

A Facebook marketing campaign is ideal for companies who want to reach a large number of users quickly and cost-efficiently. New Web Design’s marketing consultants specialize in building professional Facebook pages with features such as profile pictures, banner photos with custom graphics, videos, and even a photo gallery of your store. We also make professionally-written posts that inform your followers of updates, specials, and promotions. All of our Facebook campaigns use demographic data to target specific people out of the 1.23 billion active Facebook users who are most likely to buy your products or services. Facebook is ahead of its time by employing semi- artificial intelligent marketing.

They are able to identify when a user is showing interest in certain subjects during their conversations on Facebook. They then show related advertisements based on those particular subjects that will then interact with the Facebook user creating interest in your business’s product or service. Facebook will then reinforce your advertisements on other search engines like Google, as long as they are still signed into Facebook. For example, when a Facebook user is searching for sporting equipment, a local sporting store’s advertisement will then be displayed as banners ads within your Facebook home feed. This type of marketing is extremely complex and should only be done by an experienced group of marketing professionals that have an extensive portfolio filled with successful Facebook marketing campaigns.

Social Media Marketing Social Media Features Facebook Apps

Facebook Marketing Campaign


With the immense increase of smartphones as the primary device used to access the internet, apps are the future of marketing. Facebook is the largest social media site, so applying an app to this forum will increase its effectiveness exponentially. With a Facebook App for your business, you will be able to do things like giveaway contests, newsletter subscriptions, in-store viral vouchers, surveys/polls, chat rooms, and the selling of digital products. An important component that we integrate is a contact form for people to fill out, which helps narrow your target audience and drive traffic to your website. Each Facebook App New Web Design makes is individualized and custom-made to achieve your company’s objectives, as well as accessible on various devices such as mobile phones, tablets, and desktop computers.

Social Media Marketing Social Media Features Facebook Marketing

Facebook App