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Cell Texting Marketing

One of the easiest ways to inform your customers about new products, services, sales, promotions and events is to send a simple mass text message right to their mobile devices. Text messages are short, to the point, and can even contain photos and clickable links to your website. This is an extremely effective way to quickly share updates because customers are almost guaranteed to read them due to the fact that there are no spam folders or filters for text messages. You will stand out from competitors who are not taking advantage of this service and its benefits, especially attracting millennials who are constantly on their cell phones.

There are multiple forms of cell phone texting, like direct phone number message blasts, as well as interactive SMS premium services that allow users to text back with replies, activating a response to inquiries for information. For example, you may text customers telling them about a special subscription offer to which they can simply reply YES in order to join. We can even make it so that with subscriptions that have a starting fee, the reply YES will automatically pay the fee, which will be reflected right on their cell phone bill. While managing your business's cell texting updates, New Web Design can even create detailed progress reports that track the effectiveness of your text message advertisements. New Web Design consults you on your business model and writes professional texts that will entice customers to use your products and services.

Cell Phone Texting & Premium SMS Marketing