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E-Commerce Shopping Cart App

Many of New Web Design’s clients take advantage of our custom-built shopping cart apps in order to save time processing online payments as well as enhance their customer’s user experience. Transitioning into a digital method of payment requires a modern shopping cart app that is customized to fit your particular business model. In this day and age, more people own, or have access to, cell phones and tablets than they do desktops and laptops. Developing a mobile app puts your business’s information right in the hands of potential clientele.

There are several advantages of having a shopping cart app that include the ability to make instant, real-time updates that go directly to your client’s cell phone, the ability to make reservations, and online delivery and seating functionalities. The credit card information auto-save feature built into mobile and tablet devices makes online credit card processing quicker and easier, allowing customers to click a single button that automatically inputs their default shipping and billing information. Mobile devices also contain geographic targeting functionalities that are not present in desktop and laptop computers. For example, a limousine app with a built-in global positioning system (GPS) will pinpoint your exact location, calculate the amount of time it will take for the limousine to pick you up, estimate the amount of time it will take for you to reach your destination, and instantly calculate the exact cost based on that company’s particular pricing structure. You can even choose to make two forms of your app: a standard version that users can download for free, and a premium version that users can purchase in order to gain access to exclusive features such as special coupons, offers, information, and more.

Shopping cart apps with these functionalities are often too complex for most web design companies to configure, but our experienced coders are a step above the rest. Here at New Web Design, we have built complex shopping cart apps that are extremely user-friendly and simple to navigate, a task that only true experts can provide at a small business price.

E-Commerce Shopping Cart App Features

E-Commerce Shopping Cart App

E-Commerce Shopping Cart App features

New Web Design’s professional

APPs include:

  • Custom Features
  • User Friendly Interface
  • Calendar & Event App
  • Business App
  • Shopping Cart App
  • Custom Designed
  • Custom Coded
  • Enhanced Security Protocol Features
  • Search Engine Optimizable
  • Downloadable vis Apple & Google Play Store
  • Designed to Fit Your Businesses Branding
  • Creative Content Development
  • Integration of GPS Navigation
  • Built-In Geographic Targeting Functionalities

E-Commerce Shopping Cart App
E-Commerce Shopping Cart App features